Monday, 10 June 2013

Al Yasmina School

Another busy day today. We managed to have a bit of a lie in, although that meant there was no time for breakfast before we had to get a taxi to Al Yasmina for our tour.

As a reminder, Al Yasmina is our preferred school for all three children. We have secured places for Henry and Archie, and Flossie is currently 4th on the waiting list, up from 5th last week.

We were very impressed with the school. It has 125 pupils in each year, split into classes of 25, and the classrooms and other facilities are grouped round a central atrium, making it very airy.

The central atrium

There is a shared area for every two year groups, so with ten classrooms opening onto it. As the years progress the shared area contains less toys and more IT and other equipment.

There is a large indoor gymnasium.

There are two swimming pools, this is the larger one, and there is a smaller one for novice swimmers.

There is a running track, with football pitches in the middle.

There is a covered outdoor area for the young children to play and eat their packed lunches.

Below is a typical classroom for Henry's year.

This is the food counter where children in the later years can buy lunch.

And this is a typical common room for Henry's year.

Finally this is one of the science labs for the upper school.

All in all we thought it was a great school, so fingers crossed Flossie gets in there too. The registrar seemed to think she has a reasonable chance, with people likely to drop out over the next few weeks as they are asked to confirm their places by paying a proportion of fees up front.


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John Chambers said...

Looks good !Nothing like my schooldays. Hope Flossie gets in.Love Mum XX