Monday, 19 August 2013

A walk along the Corniche

With Jo back in the UK for two weeks my days have settled into something of a routine whilst I fill the time until starting work on 1 September. My mornings and early afternoons consist of various tasks related to obtaining my visa (which I should have by the end of this week, hurray!) or sorting out our accommodation (post about that coming soon). If I need any supplies I'll pop to one of the malls in a taxi (too hot to walk), where I will also take the opportunity to feed my Starbucks addiction (but I must not get addicted to the HUGE and delicious warm sugar coated doughnuts they sell here!).

When late afternoon comes the hotel's pool will be in the shade so I have been for a swim for the last couple of days. It's only a small pool but I'm doing my best to get some exercise. Mind you I'm getting some funny looks as I plough (slowly) backwards and forwards! I've also decided that despite the heat I need to get out and about a little more. So as dusk fell yesterday I ventured out for a walk on the Corniche, which runs along the edge of the main island. There was a nice breeze but it was still very hot, so I was rather damp when I got back.

Anyway, please find below a few of the snaps I took on my walk.

The Millennium Hotel, home for the next week or so
Looking back at the city from the Corniche
The city has a number of green spaces, which seem lovely from what I have seen so far
Reem Island, currently being developed
The sun sets, seen from the corniche
The island is made up of a number of sectors and zones, apparently it's all very confusing to navigate!
The Corniche racetrack, I mean, road
Arty (well I think it is) sunset shot
Thanks for reading as always.
Arty (well I think it is) sunset shot



Unknown said...

Just catching up with reading now we are back at home with the router available, keep it up, it is good to read the news!

Delhi Escorts said...

Amazing snaps shooter .. enjoyed a lot.. keep updating