Monday, 16 December 2013

Welcome to the Wild West

This week's blog entry is a little different, in that it doesn't appear on my blog page at the moment, instead it can be found here. I have been persuaded to put it forward for the "Expat Blog Awards 2013".

The contest runs for the next few days, and the winner for each country will apparently be the person with most (positive) comments on their post. So, the reason for my entry here is to ask very nicely if you (or those of you who weren't offended by my rant last week!) would mind popping over to the competition site and leaving a comment on my entry.

The organizers are looking for more than just comments saying "great", they are asking for at least ten words. For example, if you were to cut and paste one of the following it would meet their criteria ;)

"This is a wonderfully entertaining blog post, I loved it"

"Very informative, I feel like I understand the UAE much more now"

"A masterpiece of writing, this man should be published immediately"

You get the idea!!

Of course, if you see fit to ask your family, friends, long lost cousins, family pets, etc to do the same I wouldn't complain!

So, once again, the entry can be found here, or you can click on the rosette that says "Entry" to the right.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to comment.

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Anonymous said...

Pete as always a great blog! It's so interesting to hear about what you are up to at work I love hearing what the family is up to! Flossie was great at counting the flags! Look forward to the next blog. Claire x