Thursday, 16 January 2014

The end of a busy week

I'm sitting down relaxing at the end of a busy week. For various reasons I've had to trek to Dubai every day. It's an 80 mile journey but motorway all the way so it's not a hard drive, just a little boring in places, although I still get a buzz as I drive through Dubai itself and see the various skyscrapers, and particularly the Burj Khalifa.

Things should settle down next week and I'm hoping to settle into a routine of one or two days a week in Dubai, but most of my time in Abu Dhabi. Fingers crossed anyway.

Thursday is our new Friday evening, and therefore tonight should be "curry night" as it always was in the UK. However we have tried and rejected all of the places that deliver around here as the curries they delivered, somewhat surprisingly, weren't up to the standard we were used to in Bolton. Instead we've just had a lovely steak, so I'm hoping Thursday night may now become "steak night" instead!

The focus of our weekend plans is a dinner party we are hosting tomorrow evening. There will be ten adults and goodness knows how many children, and the plan is to feed the kids, then pack them off upstairs whilst the adults get on with enjoying themselves. Jo has been busy preparing today, including buying all the little bits we need that we didn't bring with us.

There was nearly a crisis earlier when Jo went to the alcohol shop, filled her trolley, then presented her alcohol license at the counter, only to be told it had been cancelled (the things I do to control her drinking!!). Thankfully they let her off on this occasion, but I - not Jo - have to ring up next week to find out what is going on. And there was me thinking that when we got Henry's Emirates ID card earlier this week (it has taken five months because he turned 15 during the process which caused all sorts of confusion, before they finally decided that this meant he needed to have his hand and finger prints taken as he is now an adult, but then it took two attempts to get these right) had finally completed all the formalities involved in relocating here. No such luck.

We'll try and get out to the park or something tomorrow morning to enjoy the nice weather and let the kids burn some energy off. I'm nursing a bad back and bruised ribs (maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in the impromptu football match last weekend), which have been pretty bad today, so I'm suspecting I may need to fit in a trip to the doctor.

I didn't manage to get round to doing the lifelogging post I promised in last week's post. I can sense the disappointment from here! Hopefully I'll get chance in the next few days so try and contain your excitement.

Until then I'll leave you with a few of the pictures I have snapped this week whilst out and about.

Can't complain about this as the view whilst eating lunch
Random view whilst sat at traffic lights
The view from a client's meeting room, including the Burj Al Arab on the right hand side
The sun setting over the desert this evening

As always, thanks for reading.



Unknown said...

Intrigued you have to go to Dubai regularly as you have an office there, perhaps your special skills. Hope back sorts easily. Photos good.

Unknown said...

Intrigued you have to go to Dubai regularly as you have an office there, perhaps your special skills. Hope back sorts easily. Photos good.

Mandy Indonesia said...

Im glad to read you again. Thanks for this post. Your pictures are gorgeous! Best for you Buddy!