Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Brief Update

Proper update coming in next couple of days, but for those of you who keep a more regular eye on the blog, a quick update.

I've done three days at work now, and have enjoyed every minute of it. There is a good team already in place, and lots for me to build from. I had my first meetings with external people today which demonstrated to me that there are huge opportunities in the marketplace for the firm. There is lots to get stuck into so my "to do" app is going to come in very handy!

Out of work things continue to progress. Our estate agent now has possession of the contract for our accommodation, which I will hopefully be able to sign tomorrow. We have started the process of clearing our container through customs, and Jo is busy compiling an Ikea order to ensure everyone has somewhere to sleep.

The kids seem happy with being in Abu Dhabi, although this may be biased by having spent lots of time on the beach or by the pool. They go for their school taster sessions on Thursday, and Archie was a little disappointed to learn that he can't actually decide not to go to school if he doesn't enjoy that visit!

As I say, proper update coming in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading, etc.

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Unknown said...

Another very welcome update. All sounds good with the job. Hope all goes well with school taster. Is F at the different school or did she get in with the boys?