Monday, 9 September 2013

Quick Update

I'm conscious I haven't posted an update for a few days, as life continues to be hectic. Here are a few brief points, and I shall try and do a fuller update in the next couple of days:

  1. Kids have started school, and so far, all seems to be going well. Archie had his first Arabic class today, which I'm not sure he enjoyed that much, but I'm sure he will warm to it!
  2. We are hoping to move on Wednesday, although we have had an email this evening saying that there has been a delay with customs clearance. I'm not sure what the implication of that is, fingers crossed its not too serious.
  3. Work continues to be busy, but enjoyable. I'm busy working on a number of proposals, so hopefully there will be some good news on the new work front soon.
As I say, I'll try to do a more detailed update tomorrow or Wednesday. Bear with me!

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