Saturday, 21 September 2013

"Daddy, wearing goggles would probably be a good idea in future"

Two weeks after moving into our villa we are still waiting for our broadband to be connected, and it could be days or weeks before this happens so today I decided to invest in a "dongle". I've spent a happy couple of hours playing with my "dongle" to get it working at peak performance, and am now happy to announce that the blog is back (although the calls for its return have not exactly been deafening I have to say!).

Obviously a huge amount has happened in the last couple of weeks. I'll return to all of that over the next few posts, but I should probably spend this post dealing with my "little" accident this week.

I wish I could say someone else was to blame. I wish people would believe me when I say that I knew exactly what I was doing and all I wanted to do was test out the UAE healthcare system. However the simple fact is I was completely stupid.

The background is that Archie has been learning the front crawl in his swimming lessons at his new school. He was keen to show me how he was getting on, so last Tuesday after tea we headed over to the pool for him to do just that.

I was impressed with how well he was doing, and then Flossie insisted on showing me her technique too, which was almost as impressive. Archie then asked if I can do the front crawl. I was honest enough to admit it has never been my strongest stroke, but said I would have a go.

Did I bother putting goggles on? No. Did I decide to swim the length of the pool rather than the width? No again. Did I decide to go slowly given that the pool isn't huge? Another no. Did I stop before hitting the side of the pool head on? Absolutely no. I smashed straight into the wall, and straightaway knew that I had done myself some serious damage.

The next hour or two is a blur. Suffice to say the staff at the gym were fantastic, as were the ambulance men, and the doctors and nurses at the hospital. Jo was wonderful, as was Henry who was left at home looking after Archie and Flossie with the help of a friend Jo has made over here. Archie and Flossie were understandably upset to begin with, after all they were on their own with me at the pool, and there was a lot of blood. But they soon calmed down and spent the evening making "get well soon" posters for me.


It was fairly quickly established that despite the amount of blood, and the very odd shape my head had gone, there was no internal damage, nor was the skull fractured. A CT scan confirmed this, and three hours later, plus six stitches in the cut, I was back at home.

The good thing about the incident (!?) is that it has brought our newly developing community together. We were touched by the numbers of offers of help on the night, and the well wishes the following day. That is good, but maybe I could have found a less dramatic way to break the ice!

As I think about the incident again, I do recall being pleased when, as we rushed to hospital, the paramedic peered over my rather large tummy to check something and offered the opinion that I must be an athlete as my heart rate was so good. I'm sure that happened, but then again I was a little delirious...

Flossie summed up nicely how stupid I had been, by announcing on Wednesday evening that she had been thinking about what happened and had decided that it would probably be a good idea for me to wear goggles when swimming underwater in future. Simple idea but absolutely spot on.

The stitches are in there somewhere

Apologies to family and friends back home who I gave a fright to, but rest assured all is well now, and I promise to get those goggles before I dare go near the pool again.

As always, thanks for reading, it's good to be back!


Carol Gannon said...

I had seen your 'accident' when you posted earlier about it so assumed your blog absence would be down to that. I have been looking out for them though - honestly. Anyway, I'm so glad you are fast on the mend and let that be a lesson to never see a minion with a cut head :-) WEAR THEM GOGGLES!!!

Looking forward to more blogs as you settle down in your new life :-)

Unknown said...

Nice to have a blog again although of course we are having news anyway. I must say you write a good blog, obviously a good upbringing and education at Clitheroe Grammar School. Maybe all those Stephen King books you read, perhaps not!!! Like Carol we enjoy them. Have we met Carol?

Lisa Brady said...

Talk about being in at the deep end - in every way possible ! That's one impressive scar not to mention the hot new hair do. Glad you are on the mend now