Thursday, 5 September 2013

That Was The Week That Was

I can't believe that I'm already at the end of my first week in the new job. This is a public blog so I can't disclose any confidential information, suffice to say I'm certain I'm going to enjoy the new role. There is lots for me to do, but lots of good things to build on.

I've already been out to a number of meetings with potential clients. I'm learning about all sorts of businesses, including operating mega ports, digital oil fields, developing enterprise skills in UAE nationals, and reclaiming land from the sea. I've met people from all sorts of countries, including the UAE itself, India, Pakistan, Sudan, France and one or two from the UK. All have been friendly and welcoming.

View from my office window

There is definitely a lot to get on with, but it is all new and exciting, which is good.

Out of work there has been progress as well. We have signed our tenancy contract, which means we have been able to arrange for the electricity and water to be turned on (hopefully this will happen tomorrow or Saturday), which means that the landlord can get on with sorting the villa ready for our arrival.

Our container is being processed by customs on Tuesday, and will then arrive at the villa on Wednesday, when we will move in. On Friday a large delivery will arrive from Ikea, and thankfully they will build everything for us. So by next Saturday we should be properly in and getting ourselves sorted.

Archie and Flossie enjoying their five hour Ikea experience

And possibly the best news of the week is that the first school day (well it was only an hour actually) went well for all three children. Flossie is still third on the waiting list for Al Yasmina so I took her off to Pearl Primary this morning. She was a little nervous, but did really well, and got on with meeting her new classmates and having a look round the school. Jo took Archie and Henry to Al Yasmina, and again, they both got on absolutely fine. All three of them seem to be looking forward to their first full day on Sunday, which has to be a good result.

Day one of school (please note Henry refuses to have his photo taken in his natty green trousers)

Other than that Jo has done a fantastic job of keeping the kids entertained this week, and getting to know lots of people staying at these apartments who are in the same position as us. She has been introducing lots of children to each other, which I am sure has contributed to our kids feeling more relaxed about going to school today.

Thanks for reading as always. More coming soon.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Brilliant blog! Fascinating about your new job - some interesting businesses - I look forward to hearing more. Great news about the kids and schools - so what days and times do they go to school?? Ikea get everywhere don't they!!! Love the photos - love to all - love us 3 xxxx (cal)

Anonymous said...

We are so pleased to see things are progressing well, and love your updates. Love to everyone, Ellen & co xxxxx

Anonymous said...

So happy that you are now moved in, but where did the pigeon go? All the best Ellen and co xx