Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Flaming Good Day

Another day, and yet more sorting and packing. Monday, when the packers arrive, suddenly seems very close and we still have lots to do. We're making progress but are finding that we probably weren't as ruthless as we should have been when we moved from Gale Barn to Brierholme Ave, and then to Stonestack. We are making up for it now, throwing things out left, right and centre. It made for an impressive bonfire this afternoon.

I managed to find a photograph online of the ship that our container will be going on. I think Jo is a little worried that our container is going to perched at the top of one of the precarious looking piles so is considering increasing our insurance cover!

The plan for tomorrow is to have a final push on sorting everything out and to make a final decision on what furniture we will take and what we will leave. Mind you, Jo has other plans for some it. This afternoon I caught her in our bedroom in a bikini smashing a unit to pieces with a sledgehammer for the bonfire! There's so many jokes I could make at this point but I shall resist. A photograph does exist but I have been banned from uploading it!!

Until next time......


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