Thursday, 11 July 2013

Last day of school

An emotional day today, particularly for Archie and Flossie, as it was their last day at Beech House. They both dealt with it well, and received some lovely good luck cards from their friends, and one or two presents.

Saying goodbye to Sergeant

Flossie seems to have been most upset, I think it was a little easier for Archie as all his class were moving on to junior school anyway. Flossie was very sad to say goodbye to her class, who had made her a lovely card, but she was most upset to say goodbye to her best friend, Louis. He gave her a framed picture of the two of them together, which she hasn't stopped cuddling yet.

A lovely card from Flossie's class

Meanwhile, Jo and I have been carrying on with the sorting out and packing. We've made good progress, but now only have three days until the container arrives, so the pressure is on!

Tomorrow promises to be another emotional day. Toby is going on a visit to a potential new owner, and if they get on, he will be staying. I suspect there are going to be a few tears shed. Mind you, earlier in the week we weren't sure he would make it this far. Jo and a friend took him out for a walk, and he didn't get far before he sat down and refused point blank to go any further! Despite much cajoling little progress was made, so in the end I had to go and collect them in the car.

Time to say goodbye


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