Monday, 15 July 2013

All Wrapped Up

Finally sat down after a long day with the packers, followed by a well earned Chinese. A team of three arrived just after 9am this morning and set about their work with gusto. Everything seems to have gone smoothly, the only minor hiccup being that the dining room table wouldn't close up completely once the extra leaves had been removed, as it seems to have expanded in the heat. We've just left one leaf in so it's no problem really.

Everything, bar some final bits in the kitchen, is now wrapped up ready to go into the container when it arrives around 9am tomorrow. It is hard to imagine that everything is going to fit in a 20 foot container, although the chaps from the removal company seem pretty relaxed. I'm fairly sure that very little of our lengthy reserve list is going to find a space though.

Right, tomorrow is going to be another long day so it's time for a couple of soaps and then an early night. The only problem seems to be that I haven't left any pyjamas out, or any clean clothes for tomorrow, which is a little unfortunate.


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