Thursday, 13 March 2014

Blast from the Past: 12 March

I can't remember if I've commented before on the quality of the English language radio stations in the UAE. Suffice to say the choice isn't extensive, and what is available leaves a little to be desired. Anyway, my station of choice has become Radio 2, which feels like a commercial station from the UK in the 1980s (remember Red Rose Radio anyone from the North West?), full of adverts and sponsorship, and cheesy in the extreme.

It's certainly not Five Live, which I do sometimes miss, but after six months I am getting kind of attached to some of the presenters, particularly Kenny & Accalia at breakfast time, although it took me a few weeks to realize it was two people rather than one called Kenny Anakalia (and I seem to recall Jo thought the same thing).

The good thing about Radio 2 though is that they play a huge variety of music from the 1980s right up to date. There is at least one song a day that provokes a "oh my goodness I haven't heard this in years" reaction in me, and has to be immediately turned up loud, and sung along to. Anyway, I thought I would share these with you every now and then, so here we are with yesterday's.

That's it for today's interlude. We're off camping for a night this weekend, over near the border with Saudi Arabia (never thought I'd be saying that!), so I shall let you know how that goes.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure I recall that track - must of been the days I was listening to punk instead! Cxxxxxx