Saturday, 15 March 2014

Stormy Weather

Carrying on from yesterday's update, postponing the camping turned out to be the right decision. As the day went on it got more and more stormy, resulting in thunder, lightning and short bursts of heavy rain. Despit that we had an enjoyable evening at the villa of one of the families that had been due to go on the trip so all was not lost. There was an Hawaiin theme for some unknown reason so everyone turned up in their flowery shirts and grass skirts. Jo caused a bit of a stir by going into the allcohol shop in her bikini and grass skirt, I don't think the assistants in there knew where to look. Still at least it meant they didn't ask her for her alcohol license!

Today has been a quiet day, recovering from last night. The stormy weather seems to have passed so it's looking good for our second attempt at camping next weekend.

I'll leave you with the short video below. I am attempting the "second a day" video challenge, where you have to capture (surprise, surprise) a second of video every day for a year and turn them into a video at the end of the year. To be honest I'm not doing that well, either forgetting completely and having to substitute a photo instead of a video clip, or only remembering when I am on the way home from work, hence far too many clips of traffic. Anyway, below is my progress to the end of February. There isn't a soundtrack yet so you'll probably want to listen to it with your volume down.

Thanks for reading as always.


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Anonymous said...

I don't use FB much anymore so I'm missing your blogs and love reading them - the second a day video is great - wish I'd done it myself - yours shows what a fabulous family time you're all having living there!! Loads of love to you all xxxxxxxxx cal etc PS lets Skype soon xxx