Friday, 1 November 2013

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2013: Day 1

We've been looking forward to this weekend since we arrived in Abu Dhabi. Archie and I because we've got tickets for the Grand Prix, Jo and Flossie because Cousin Pete has come to visit, and Henry because he is hoping to see Jay-Z in concert.

We've splashed out and got two tickets in one of the grandstands for the whole weekend, with cousin Pete having a third ticket. The race itself is late afternoon Sunday, but the tickets also give us access to practice, qualifying and a number of support races.

The tickets also gave us access to the Pit Lane Walk yesterday afternoon. I finished work early and Archie and I headed off to do the walk as soon as he finished school.

Archie in Pole Position

We really enjoyed being up close to the cars, and whilst we didn't see any of the drivers we did see lots of interesting things, and Archie asked lots of questions.

One of the best moments was when one of the teams decided to practice their pit stop technique as we passed. We watched for a few minutes, Archie was impressed with how quick they did it, but the noise was a bit of a shock to him!

After the walk, Jo and Flossie picked us up and we headed home for some trick or treating. It seems to have been a fairly big event on the compound, with one of the villas in particular being well decorated.

After trick or treating it was time to collect Cousin Pete from the airport. He didn't know we were going to do this, so it was a nice surprise for him when he walked through the meet and greet area.

After that it was back home for a bite to eat, and a relaxing few hours on the roof terrace.

Today we are going to a hotel near the circuit for brunch, and then later this afternoon some of us will go and catch some of the second practice session. We will also endeavor to get Henry and his friend wrist bands so they can go and see the after race concert this evening. Tonight it is Jay-Z, tomorrow Muse, and Sunday Depeche Mode. Access to the concerts comes free with the race tickets, we just have to ensure the right people get the wristbands you need to get in.

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Unknown said...

Gosh, how exciting can life be over there! I do feel jealous of your being at the Grand Prix. It seems to be one excitement after another! And as for the ghouls and ghosties, I am speechless!
Dad xx

Anonymous said...

to agree with Dad!! I'm also envious of you & Archie being at the Grand Prix, but I'm also envious of Pete D visiting you, envious of Henry if he gets to see Jay Z but most of all, I'm extremely happy that life is working out so well for you all. Stay happy and healthy!! XxxxxX love the Aussies xxx

Anonymous said...

That should have started with "Got to agree with Dad...... :)