Saturday, 16 November 2013

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Yet another busy weekend draws to a close, and we all need an early night before school and work tomorrow. Yesterday was Friday Brunch in an Indian Restaurant on Yas Island, with two other families from school. The food was fantastic, and there was a playground right outside which kept the kids occupied whilst the adults "relaxed".

Today we were back at Yas Island, but this time at the Du Forum for the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. The Festival is running for a couple of weeks and consists of lots of interactive exhibits (think Manchester Museum of Science & Industry if you know it), plus a big selection of workshops that you can book in advance.

Archie and Flossie had a great time (Henry declined to come) doing the following:

  1. Building and then racing a rocket powered car (involving air and water).
  2. Watching a show featuring lots of "experiments" involving dry ice.
  3. Making some "slime" out of various ingredients (and being able to take it home).
  4. Learning about magnets, and doing lots of experiments with them.
  5. Having a 3D video made of themselves.
  6. Playing football with robots.
The great thing was that it only cost £10 in total for the four of us to spend the afternoon there, and the volunteers running the workshops were fantastic with the children, helping them out if they got stuck and being very patient with them.

An indication of how much we enjoyed ourselves is that we are going back next weekend to do some of the other workshops (and this time Henry is coming, no choice).

So if you happen to be reading this in Abu Dhabi and you have kids of any age, get along there to see what it's all about (it's at Du Forum and on the Corniche for the next week or so).

As always, thanks for reading.





NCx said...

Another great time! Nx

Anonymous said...

As always - thanks for writing! Really enjoy your blogs / sounds fantastic weekend and great photos xx CKA xxx

Unknown said...

Having thee time of their lives, our grandchildren. Good blog as usual. Dad